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technet solutions specialises in setting up new computers. If you have purchased a new computer and require assistance with any configuration issues (both hardware and software), we will visit you at your premises and attend to your system quickly and effectively. If you are thinking of adding a peripheral to your system, give us a call and we can offer specialist, unbiased advice and install it for you. Not only will we mount it and install all the required software to enable the device, but we will also show you how to make the most of your new device by sitting down with you and teaching you how to use it. We provide training notes so you can refer back to them in the future. We provide computer hardware at competitive prices and all come with a minimum 12 month manufacturers warranty.

Common examples of upgrades include:

CD-RW / DVD -+RW drives - We will mount it in your system and install drivers if necessary. We can install DVD Video software that let you watch DVD movies on your computer and also show you how to transfer the video if you own the copyright to it. You can transfer the video to other formats such as MPEG, AVI and VideoCD. We can show you how to backup your system to DVD media so you can restore your system in the event of failure.

Hard disk drives - After purchasing a new drive, you will most likely have to mount it in the system, partition the drive, install an operating system on it and finally transfer existing data to the new drive. We can show you how to setup a RAID system and advise on the speed and integrity benefits.

Scanners - technet solutions can advise you on different scanner types and which one is best for your business and home. We will go through and teach you how to scan documents and photos so you can use it in both print and on the internet. Optional software that performs OCR (optical character recognition) can speed up data entry, while Adobe Acrobat lets you scan documents and archive them in the popular PDF format.

Memory/Processors - With the falling price of computer hardware, it is now very affordable to upgrade your current system by adding more memory or by upgrading to a faster processor. You will save time and money while being able to accomplish more tasks with your system.

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