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Internet Web Site Design/Hosting

Let technet solutions design your internet web site. We offer all aspects of the web site process which includes planning, design, implementation, testing, promotion and maintenance. We work closely with you to identify your needs so that we can create a site that is both unique and professional. We sit down down with you and talk about your online objectives and aims. To ensure that work is completed for the negotiated price and in a timely manner, we provide you with a detailed quotation with the specification and price for the web site that is valid for 30 days. At this stage, we also advise on maintenance costs if you require us to update your web site.

Whether you require a simple 'brochure' type web site to advertise your business, a web site to store your photos for relatives and friends overseas or an advanced web site with secure online ordering and database access, we will help you find a solution. Pricing varies from site to site, but unlike other companies that charge per page of content, technet solutions negotiates one price for the whole site to keep cost to a minimum.

Promotion of your site is a crucial aspect of your online presence - we submit your site to all the major search engines. In addition we can create other forms of promotion such as e-mail, newsgroups and mailing lists for your business.

WWW (World Wide Web)/Email

The internet is a wide world of information. If you are a new user of the internet, it can be frustrating not knowing how to retrieve this wealth of information. We can take the time to show you the basics of the internet and also teach you many other things that the internet is known for - online banking, email communication, file transfer, downloading music e.g.) MP3, newsgroups, instant messaging, personal web page design, file sharing, chat, multimedia, online shopping and much more. We provide you with clear and concise documentation to help you accomplish your internet goals. If you are not currently connected to the internet, we can provide specialist, unbiased information to let you choose the best internet service provider for your needs.

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