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Let technet solutions design a functional network for your business or home. With a 100Mbps Ethernet network, you can better utilise your technology investments. Some of the benefits of a network include internet sharing, file sharing, gaming, peripheral sharing and networked digital audio/video. Internet sharing makes it possible to share the one internet connection across multiple computers so that you can be accessing your email and your colleagues or family can be accessing the internet at the same time. File sharing lets you access, copy and edit files through any PC attached to the network - there is no need to transfer files from computer to computer using floppy disks. Networked gaming, lets you play the latest multi-player games between family members. Peripheral sharing makes it possible to share printers, scanners, DVD drives and other peripherals with each computer on the network. Having a central storage location for digital audio/video allows access to the media from any other computer attached to the network. You can watch movies and listen to music in different rooms without having to move computers.

With wireless IEEE 802.11x networking, you can now work anywhere within your office or home not having to be tied to cables or near a network access point. Typical wireless network speeds of 11Mbps, while not as fast as 100Mbps Ethernet, is fast enough for most uses such as web browsing, video/audio streaming and modest network traffic. A huge benefit of wireless network technology is the ability to expand the network gradually as your needs increase. We can advise on the purchase and setup of your wireless network. We strongly recommend enabling WEP security to prevent outsiders accessing your wireless network. technet solutions will show you how to manage and monitor the network as well as how to change the WEP key every so often to maintain security.

technet solutions can also help if you already have a network and would like assistance to configure it - everything from Access points to TCP/IP.

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